A Mood Refresher Home Appliance: Geyser


If you are tired, a warm bath is enough to get you back in the form. Also in winters when hot water is required in almost all the works, it is a Geyser that gives comfort. It is such an important piece of equipment that it does work of not only one member of family but everyone from old to child, everyone takes help from it. If you are also on your way to buy a Geyser, this is the best place that can give you some information about it. Getting prior information about any appliance is beneficial as it saves us from taking unnecessary risks.

So to before buying a Geyser let us take a look at how many types of geysers are there and what are the features they consist.

On the basis of the energy consumption, there are two major types of geysers: Gas geyser & electric geyser. Both of them have their pros and cons. It is important to figure out which one is easily available at your place. Apart from this, a bifurcated description is below:

Gas geysers: Gas fueled storage tank water geysers are the conventional ones of 30 to 50 gallons. These geysers are heated by gas fueled fire which is placed at the bottom of the tank. These geysers consume additional space to keep the LPG cylinder and proper ventilation. Also in terms of durability, these geysers have life of 1 to 2 years. Gas geysers come at very economical price and are very affordable. Also due to the use of gas, the usage can be much cost efficient by using gas subsidy. These geysers provide incessant flow heated water supply immediate heating. While operating these geysers one should take care of the few things because the usage of these geysers is a little unsafe. You should make sure that all the linking pipes are clean, anti corrosive and leak proof.

Electric geysers: These geysers have rapidly become universal because these are easy to use and do not require any additional object to place nearby. In this water geyser, a copper coil is used to convert electricity to heat energy. These geysers have been modified a number of times since their invention and their efficiency is increased. Despite all of these changes, the fundamental principle is similar. The biggest advantage of these geysers is that these are pollution free as they do not release carbon monoxide because there is not all burning of fuel

When it comes to safety, Electric geyser is much more reliable than a Gas geyser and also it is easy to handle. However, it all depends upon your choice and convenience. So whichever is better a Gas geyser or an electric geyser can be decided by comparing the two on the basis of these following points:

  • What is the life expectancy of the geyser
  • Cost of installation.
  • Price of the geyser
  • How much space it occupies

What are the requirements of the geyser and how does it perform