Get Your Natural Look Without Going Undercuts


Lace frontals are the hot trend right now and in my opinion, I think they’re a cool idea. What’s not cool about them?

I don’t think it’s me being cheap but there is no way I’m shelling out the cash for one when I get to get something similar for a fraction of the cost. It’s like having two wigs for the price of one!

I’m pretty lucky to be blessed with a full wig head and I’ve been using that to my advantage when it comes to creating HD Lace Frontal. I know this method works on most wigs but it may not work for everyone.

Our latest addition is the SILKY LACE FRONTAL. It is basically our 100% human hair silk base with a lace front sewn on top. As many of you have requested, this design will provide much more fullness at the front than our regular lace fronts. The downside is the frontal only weighs 2.6 ounces because it doesn’t contain any knots.

The SILKY LACE FRONTAL is available in 14″ and 16″ long, and we sell it unbleached, medium brown and dark brown color.

Since we started selling the SILKY LACE FRONTAL about a week ago, we have been overwhelmed by customer response. Below are just some of the positive comments from our customers:

“The silk base is very natural looking and because it isn’t as stiff as a regular lace frontal it lays much better.”

“So easy to sew in, I spent more time prepping the hair than attaching it to my head.”

“I got so many complements on the SILKY LACE FRONTAL. My friends actually thought I got a Keratin treatment done on my hair.”

Our 100% virgin hair bundles are made from the finest quality of Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian or Indian hair. This hair is in its natural state, chemical free and all the cuticles are intact. With daily care of high quality products this hair is proven to last up to a year.