How to Find the Top Shopify Filter Apps?


Customers find what they require quickly. They do not want to waste any time searching through the collections to find any product that they want. They do not want to spend their time just to find the product is totally unavailable or out of stock or not sold. The products that you have, longer it’s likely to take on search the product listing and greater the chance that customer can abandon your website soon. This will mean the lost sales & worse for any brand. An only way you stop losing the sales is adding one of Shopify collection filter on  your Shopify store.

What Are the Shopify Filter Apps?

The apps are good in limiting products that are displayed on the page based on the search criteria that is entered by customer. User have to type in a keyword and that particular keyword will be checked against any tags, product names,descriptions, and more. After some moments, list of relevant products will be displayed. There are many Shopify product filter applications available on the internet. Some are advanced whereas some are quite basic. Larger collections may require something highly sophisticated but that is not always a case.

Smart Product Filter and Search

The store is quite unfamiliar to the new visitors on your website. Whenever they want to have something particular they have to use the search to find out what they are looking for. There’re many different ways for the customers to find out what they are looking for: which includes good navigation & collections. But, with the large database of the products, this will be tough for the customers to navigate. For this reason, you require good product filter that will help you know what the app helps you out with. The app allows you filter through many different options that includes size, variant, price, color, collection, tags, brand, vendor, inventory, discount as well as type. The customers will use many filters to limit product choice on a page. You may create various filters for various collections on the website. For example, girls clothes will have the different set of the filters when compared to the shoes.

The app allows you group tags at one and create some of the most unique filters as well as use color swatches for creating the filters. To make this simple for the customers to find any product that you want you may group some attributes together in a group. One example of this will be light red,bright red, and dark red in the category of red. So, to prevent your customers being annoyed when they cannot find something because of typo and spelling mistake you may enable autocomplete, autocorrect aspects and suggestion on the website.