The Latest in Sunglasses: Japan

Japan sunglasses

Sunglasses became very popular in mid-19th century. A lot of sunglasses japan manufacturers started to produce high quality sunglass for many kinds of people, especially the English aristocrats and the French singers. As a result, more and more European women began to use sunglasses when they go out.

Sunglasses became very popular in the western society because of two famous European singers: Sir Lala and Sir Alfonsus. Sir Alfonsus was a singer from England, who sang with his glasses on during performances and social events. Sir Lala was a French singer who always wore sunglasses in public. Both men started their careers in the early 20th century, when sunglasses were “cool” for singers.

The japanese began to wear sunglasses in the late 1930s, because of two groups of people: officers and young girls. Young girls started to use sunglasses while walking on the street so that their eyes would not be hurt by the sun. In contrast to them, officers always wore sunglasses when they went out. They wore sunglasses because of their law enforcement job and it made them more cool looking.

In those days, japanese used to have one pair of glasses for a long time since they were quite expensive and there were no sunglass shops around the country. That’s why the japanese wore them even when they went to bed.

The first sunglass shop opened in Tokyo, early 1960s. It was called “Yoshida kogaku”. This event changed how people used to think about sunglasses. Everyone began to buy sunglasses and the demand dramatically increased. Since then, more and more people in japan started to wear sunglasses.

There were a lot of sunglass shops in every big city in the world, but there were none in Japan until mid-1970s. The first Japanese sunglass shop was established in Tokyo, early 1970s. It was called “Zoetrope”. This event made sunglass shops more popular, and the variety of sunglass styles has expanded.

Sunglasses have a long history that has changed how people think about them. The primary purpose of sunglasses has always been to protect someone’s eyes, although they look cool nowadays. Sunglasses also contributed to the economy and made some people rich.