Dark Brown Hair Dye: The Definitive Guide

Dark Brown Hair Dye

Hair color is not the only thing that can change the way a person looks. In fact, many people are so happy with their new look after a dye job that they change their wardrobe to fit their new appearance.

The Internet has opened up the door to many options for purchasing hair dyes. However, it is important to know what you are doing when shopping for hair color. Most of the time, you will find that those who shop online can’t provide you with the same advice and expertise as a salon or store-based professional hair colorist.

The first thing to note about this guide is that it will apply to anyone who wants to dye their hair brown. If you want your hair to be blonde or red, then this guide won’t help you very much. This guide will also not help you decide whether or not to go for a permanent hair dye or semi-permanent one.

What’s The Darkest Brown Hair Dye?

Looking for the darkest brown hair dye? You may want to go with a shade that’s even darker than what you’re looking for. That’s because your hair color will appear darker once it’s dry. To get the most accurate idea of what your hair color will look like, rinse out one strand of hair and let it dry. If it’s still darker than you’d like, then add more developer to get it lighter.

When choosing a shade of brown hair dye, you’ll also want to consider your skin tone. For example, if you have olive skin, then you may want to choose a medium brown or dark blonde shade. However, if you have a lighter complexion, then a warm medium brown might work better.

Warmer shades are best for those with yellow undertones and cooler shades are ideal for women with pink undertones. If you’re looking for something bolder and more striking, then try a golden or reddish tinted shade of brown dye.

Can I Dye My Hair If it’s Dark Brown?

You can absolutely dye your hair even if it’s already dark brown. Many women make the mistake of assuming that you can’t lighten hair that’s already dark or that to do so would require bleaching.

When it comes to dyeing your hair at home, there are three things you need to know:

You can lighten dark brown hair dye or black hair to dark blonde. You can’t lighten it beyond that without bleach.

Even if you are going from darker shades of brown to light brown, you’ll need two boxes of dye.

Using a box dye more than once in several weeks is not recommended.