How to Run Your Fashion Blog Like a Pro


    When you open the social network profiles of big companies or famous fashion persons you get stunned by the number of followers they have. You’re thinking to yourself, God knows how many people run these social network profiles and how much money they spend on it.

    It’s not a lie that big companies and fashion moguls hire marketers and social media experts to run their profiles. It seems like a big deal, but actually, it’s not. If you’re about to start your own fashion blog, or you have already started slow, here’s a list of things that you can’t miss out.


    Today’s fashion social network is Instagram. Even though it is on the 4th place among social networks by registered users with around a billion, it’s still the number one place if you like fashion blogging.

    Setting up and running a respectable Instagram profile is the first thing you must do. Make sure the content you’re uploading is quality and everything looks professional. Make people think that what you do is a work of a team, just like you’re thinking for those pages you open and admire. Be sure that these pages have the same story as you’re about to create.

    Make sure the pictures you upload tell a story, are appealing and don’t forget a catchy title underneath. Also, very important are the tags. Place some tags so that people searching for something specific can encounter your profile. Don’t add too many because you won’t be taken seriously by viewers. Look at the Om& Ah Instagram profile to see what a great profile looks like.

    Professional pictures

    A highly important issue that many fashion bloggers fall on is the quality of the photoshoot they make. It’s a natural human instinct to think we did something excellent. However, what we see and how the public takes it is a completely different thing.

    Making a photo and uploading it on the internet is a gamble on its own. No one can predict the outcome and what response it will get. However, it’s your job to do your best.

    Unless you’re super famous, then forget about taking potato shots. Hire a professional photographer and make a whole session. If you think that supermodels and girls you see that glow online have only fun and games while doing a shooting, you’re very wrong. Taking the perfect picture asks for a lot of effort, hard work, and models at the end feel exhausted.

    Take professional pictures, do your part of the job as better as possible, edit as your life depends on this, and in the end, hope for the best. Sometimes a simple meaningless egg like this one here will get more like than anyone else, but that’s the internet.

    Be creative

    There are hundreds of millions of blogs out there. People who are into fashion have probably already seen everything you’ve seen. If you’re about to run a fashion you have to offer the followers something they haven’t seen. You need to be creative. Go radical and show something that’s completely different but for the love of God don’t do another fashion blog with the same style as the rest of the millions of bloggers out there.

    Just think about what you’d like to see. You’re probably starting your blog because you got tired seeing the same exact things everywhere around you. You want to offer something new. See here how the competition is doing:

    Be aware that everyone is thinking just like you, but not everyone manages to transform their idea into reality. It may look like a simple thing, but it will take a lot of hard work to make something noticeable and worth the attention of other bloggers who will raise you to fame.


    That’s it. These three things and a lot of work will get you places. Being creative, work as a professional and having a successful Instagram profile where you’ll show your work is enough. You think others do something more? It’s all a matter of details beyond this point. Sure, it’s okay to have a Facebook too, Pinterest is also cool, but work on these networks only after you have a certain success with the three points we talked about.