Gadgets That Are Specially Designed For Your Kids

Gadgets Designed For Your Kids

It is very much true to say that we can find the footprints of technology everywhere we go. For example, we carry mobile phones to work, have them on the dashboard of the car or even take them to the bathroom. Again, most of the family members have their own gadgets. If someone who does not have one is kids. Now many parents have started to let their kids use phones, tablets, computers as well as such kind of other devices. Being expensive, it is not advisable to let kids use them.

Kids have the tendency to break or drop things. They may throw things when they get angry. Most of the time it is not possible to predict the behaviour of the kids. So for sure you don’t want to let your expensive gadgets in their hands. Moreover, if your kids don’t have gadgets of their own, they will try their best to get their hands on yours.

Understanding the demand of kids, nowadays a number of gadgets are available in the market. As kids are not that aware of the brands, simple gadgets which resembles that of grownups is enough to do the trick. Nowadays, there are some gadgets that are specially programmed for kids and are highly durable. So here is a list of some gadgets that you can get for your kids while saving yours.

  1. LG GizmoPal: There cannot be any device simpler than this. It is very simple and up to its purpose. It can not only satisfy your kid asking for gadget but it can be really useful to you as a parent. The gadget helps to make a call to a number that has been pre-programmed, thus keeping them safe. They are much durable and can survive many accidents. You can get gadget for your little one for less just by using voucher code while making purchase.
  1. FiLIP 2: In case your kid is conscious about the look and want something functioning better, then FiLIP 2 is just for you. The gadget comes with a screen which shows date and time. Moreover, five numbers can be programmed in it which your kid can use to make a call. The device even comes with Wi-Fi and GPS which makes it easier to track the kid. You can even send text messages to your child on the device.
  1. CAT B15: It is true that construction workers work in tough climates. So they need tough phones. Understanding the nature of work, a construction equipment making company named Caterpillar developed rough phones and called them CAT B15. If your kids are bit older, you can get them this gadget. It is a smartphone which comes with strong hardware. The phone will not be damaged if it falls from a 6 feet height or stays in water for 30 minutes. The phone is also dust resistant.
  1. Nabi 2: It is a tablet that runs on Android and has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. The tablet is covered on its sides by a rubber bumper to protect it from accidental falls. There is 8 GB storage space so that kids can store in the games they want. Moreover, it is a better option compared to taking the risk of providing them with iPad which does not come with any protective cover.
  1. Speck iGuy: If you don’t have any plans to buy a gadget to your little one and you don’t feel safe to hand them your breakable device, then you must go for Speck iGuy. Speck iGuy is a protective case which is available for various models of iPad. This will make the iPad ready for physical tortures. The case can withstand normal falls but it does not mean that they are unbreakable.

So with technology heading ahead everyday, new kids friendly gadgets will be designed in the future which are cost effective making it easy for parents to buy them.