The Wonders of the Product Review Blogs

product review blogs

It seems as though everyone has gotten on the product review bandwagon. Every few minutes I’m seeing another blog pop up whose goal is to do nothing more than review various products. This isn’t to say that there’s necessarily anything wrong with this, but it does raise the question of whether or not all these blogs are truly necessary?

The answer to that is pretty easy: No. There is nothing wrong with starting a Product review blogs if for no other reason than that they provide a ton of traffic. There are, however, some things that you have to realize when it comes to product review blogs:

1) You’re going to be in direct competition with a lot of other people for the same traffic sources. This means that you’ll need a decently large social media following before your blog will really get going. For most new bloggers this is going to make it next to impossible for them to find any sort of success. What’s more, unless you’ve got a completely different angle on reviewing products then there’s no real reason why you’d want to compete against them anyway.

  • They’re not very sustainable from an economic standpoint. In order for one of these blogs to be successful it requires a constant stream of new products to review. This means that unless you’ve got some sort of exclusive deal with certain manufacturers then you’ll have very little control over what is being sold on your site. This lack of control makes it so that you’re always going to have trouble making money since the success of any blog is directly tied to its traffic, which is directly tied to how many products they can review.
  • You’re not actually creating content. Reviewing products isn’t something that I consider actual ‘content’ creation, which means that if this is all your blog is about then you really won’t ever be able to sustain it for very long without having another major change in your content focus.

Much like the ‘raw affiliate marketing’ niche, this seems to be one that will quickly die out once all the major traffic sources start rejecting any site that is obviously designed only to generate revenue through product reviews. If you want a sustainable blog then you should probably stay away from these types of websites altogether.