Top 5 most popular bobbleheads among doll collectors


If you are wondering why are bobbleheads so popular? It is because they have existed for quite some time and now have become common among many people.

Although collecting or giving bobbleheads may sound very childish but their needs are day by day increasing in the market due to their popularity. You can even start giving bobblehead to others as a hobby or can end up starting a business of selling bobbleheads which will become your cash income source.

There are numerous popular bobbleheads among doll collectors from the 18th century but you’ll be seeing below 5 most popular bobbleheads of all time:

Thanjavur dolls

Thanjavur dolls

Thanjavur dolls are the most famous Indian bobblehead dolls. They are a kind of oscillating toy whose weight is concentrated at its bottom. These dolls are believed to be very popular and oldest bobblehead head dolls among Indian doll collectors. These dolls are customized by craftsmen with great finishing and painting. According to they have been recognized as a geographical indication by the government of India.

The beatless bobblehead dolls

bobblehead dolls

The beatless bobbleheads are one of the most popular bobbleheads of all time. They were manufactured in Japan by car mascots. The bobblehead represents all the four rocks in one frame, namely, john Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. All three of them are holding their guitars except Ringo who is holding his drumsticks just like in reality.

Willie mays bobblehead

Willie mays bobblehead

The San Francisco Giants are an American professional baseball team based in San Francisco, California. Willie mays was a famous player in this team. His bobblehead was designed long time ago. He was the most liked player of his team and his bobblehead is still very famous around the world among all his fan followers. Willie mays was one of the first non-mascot bobbleheads created in 1960.

Chuck Woolery

Chuck Woolery is an American game show host who was very famous for his game show in the 1980s. His customized bobblehead was known to be the largest bobblehead of 2003. Even The Guinness Book Of Worlds Record for largest bobblehead was set for chuck Woolery’s bobblehead. His bobblehead was 900 pounds in weight and was 11 feet tall. It was said that this bobblehead of chuck Woolery was designed in his likeness.


Another most popular bobblehead doll is of bob ross. Bob Ross was a very famous American artist and painter. Bob ross famous for his soft voice, classic landscape

Paintings, easel and permed afro hairstyle is best known for his PBS instructional television program, the joy of painting which was first aired in 1983. The soothing artist videos are becoming popular again on youtube, Netflix, and on other social websites making his rock again in the culture. These bobbleheads are great to delight or cheer up any bob ross fan.

These were some 5  most famous bobbleheads of all the time. All these bobbleheads are so popular among doll collectors because there are still a large number of fans present in this world of these famous celebrities.