Why Minimal And Meaningful Accessories Are The Best For Home Décor


When you were a kid, you probably noticed a bunch of antiquities and memorabilia from olden days lying around your grandma’s house. She probably had a wall dedicated to commemorative plates that no one was allowed to eat off of. Or, she had loads of trinkets from her grandkids, all stacked in neat rows in a curio cabinet.

That’s great for granny, but modern homes, especially smaller apartments, needless clutter and more space.

Minimal is the way to go, and it really puts into perspective the accessories that are meaningful and beloved in your home décor. So, without further ado, here’s why you should go simple and subtle with your interior designs.

Less Clutter, More Space for Comforts

Comforts here mean couches, lounges, entertainment, and all of the things that make you want to relax after a strenuous afternoon. When you clear the unnecessary clutter, you give yourself plenty of space for the comforts that make you happiest. A great loveseat with piles of pillows and cushions is nothing to sneer at.

Light Travel and Less Cleaning

Before you go on vacation, you probably clean your house so there will be less to do when you get back. Clutter-free, minimalist homes offer naturally clean environments, and lighter loads when you travel. Clean up a bit, throw a few clothes in your backpack, and you are good to go.

You could even get custom printed labels to organize the items of your bag for stops through airports, train stations, or other security-riddled destinations.

Meaningful Means Memorable Without the Clutter

Meaningful trinkets come from the heart of those you love the most. For instance, the fiber-optic Christmas tree that your mom passed down is probably a keeper.

But the cute rug you absolutely had to have from the supermarket would just add another element of clutter to your home. Stick with accessories and home décor that actually means something to you.

Accessories Can Include Double-Purpose Furniture

Double-purpose furniture is amazing because you can save space, be comfortable, and leave plenty of room for relaxation and fun. For instance, some couches nowadays are equipped with plush, removable cushions that have hide-holds underneath. You can stow-away blankets, pillows, entertainment stuff—whatever you want, underneath where you sit and put your feet up.

When in doubt, take some professional advice from an interior designer. These kinds of creatives have dedicated their careers to knowing the ins and outs of modern décor—minimalistic included. An interior designer is sure to be able to help you live simply and carefree, minus the clutter of your home.