5 Must-Have Elements To Have On A Printed Bag


Designing the perfect printed bag is never easy. Whether it is the choice of material you use or the design that will be present on the bag, this can all contribute to the number of units you sell along with your items. In this article, we are going to give you our 5 tips for designing the perfect bespoke printed tote bags for your business.

Clear Brand Name

When creating a printed bag, it is important to have a clear brand name front and centre to ensure there is no confusion around who it belongs to. By having the branding front and centre with an embroidered front you can create a high-quality look and improve the reputation of the brand. This is key as this promotes the professionalism of the business whilst ensuring that you are getting the brand name out there to those looking for it.

Logo Or Image

The next important element to put alongside the brand name is a logo or an image that is associated with it. This helps to solidify the brand identity and ensure that it is clear. In addition to this, a funny picture is also the ideal way to promote a printed bag for your business as people are more likely to invest if it is stylish or has a funny meme on the front. Though this isn’t always the case, this will help to capture the attention of those in the store and get them to purchase a custom bag to carry their items.

Social Media Links

In addition to an eye-catching image, it may also be beneficial to place the social media links along the bottom edge of the bag. This will not only encourage people to borrow, but it will also help to promote the online presence of your brand over time. This is key to the following a brand has as this ensures the longevity and helps you to specifically target different aspects of your audience as to upcoming products and other launches that your brand will see in the near future to boost the brand as well as the launches.

Catchy Slogan Or Phrase

Another way to capture the attention of your target audience is to have a catchy slogan or a phrase. If this is relatable and something that is trending in pop culture, you are more likely to see people opting to have the bag in order to show it to their friends. If this also has your branding on it, you are then marketing your company at the same time thus increasing the potential footfall to your store and the awareness of your brand and the products. This is beneficial to those with a low marketing budget as this will complete the marketing for you.

Bright Colouring

The final essential aspect of creating a bag is to have a bright colouring that coincides with the branding of your business. The brighter the colour is, the more likely you are to capture the attention of the potential buyer.

With all this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can create the perfect bag for your brand to help boost identity as well as reduce the carbon footprint of your brand. Where will you start with your designing process?