6 Important Tips To Follow While Buying Outdoor Play Equipment For Maximum Fun

Outdoor Play Equipment

If you are planning to buy outdoor play equipment for your kid and is delighted to see your kid’s excitement, keep in mind that you will also pay attention to safety of the child.

Not only your child’s safety is concerned but there will be liability concerns too when your kid’s friends will come to play with her on the play equipment.

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But you can remember certain precautions to take so that you buy the safest outdoor play equipment.

1. Consider Your Child’s Age

Most injuries on outdoor play equipment occur only because kids are allowed to play on equipment that’s too advanced to match their age.

When you buy the equipment for your kid, inquire with the salesman if it will suit your child’s age. It may save your medical treatment costs in the long run, in case your child is injured on the unsuitable equipment.

2. Check Surfaces Underneath

Sometimes toy manufacturers sell playground equipment with surfaces that you should install beneath the equipment. These surfaces should be soft and thick so as to act as padding when the children fall.

You should take care not to install the equipment on plain grass, soil or concrete. It will never be safe for the kids. If you install it in plain soil, it will be unstable due to soil erosion. Some best options are rubber mats, wood chips and sand.

3. Be Careful of Wooden Equipment

There is no definite information, but certain concerns do exist about using pressure treated wood in several constructions, including outdoor play equipment.

Certain chemicals are used for the preservation of wood which may be toxic for anyone, but especially for kids. Therefore it’s best to avoid wooden play equipment until definite information about this comes from the medical community.

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4. Have Barriers

Barriers are essential on any elevated section of the outdoor play equipment to prevent children from falling off.

Regardless of age of the children, the risk of severe injury is extremely high and so, installing guard rails and barriers has no other alternative.

The gap between the rails of the barriers should be less than 3 ½ inches to avoid sticking of young children’s heads between them.

5. Take Care while Installing Swings

Swings are great fun for children but they can be dangerous too given their tremendous speed while being used. Plus they can collide with each other or get intertwined resulting in injuries if set too close to each other.

Take care to keep a gap of at least 24 inches between swings. This distance should be measured from the outside of one swing to the outside of another.

You should also take care of keeping sufficient gap between the frame and swing. It should be at least 30 inches.

6. Check All the Information for New or Old

If you are buying new equipment from a shop, check if the manufacturer has included thorough information about the age group, materials, size and measurements of spacing with the equipment.

You can even buy used equipment. This option is not only chosen to save money. Used equipment can give a feel of the equipment after which a parent can decide to buy a new one.

But if you are buying used equipment, you can check it thoroughly regarding the above specifications.

By taking all the due precautions in this way, you can enjoy watching your child having fun on his outdoor play equipment.