Advantages of self-adhesive stickers

self-adhesive stickers

Are you in search of the proper packaging solution for your products? The right packaging says a lot about your business and is a good way to attract potential customers. Self-adhesive stickers and labels today hold an important role in the packaging of consumer products and industrial items. That said, here are some of the benefits of using the self-adhesive stickers;

1. You can easily remove the labels and stickers without any damages to the surface:

The good thing with these labels and stickers is that they can be easily peeled off or transferred from one object to another without leaving any residue, unlike the traditional stickers and labels, which make use of glue for sticking purposes. This reduces wastage of material since there will not be any waste left when it comes to peeling them off.

 2. Can be used in refrigerated areas

These self-adhesive price labels can also be used in refrigerated areas where condensation often leads to dripping on product surfaces and prints on paper packing. They do not react under such conditions, so you need not worry about their durability against cold temperatures.

3. They are visually appealing

Another great benefit is their attractiveness. These labels are available in different colours and shapes that arouses the curiosity in the prospective customer. If you wish to leave a good impression about your product in the minds of your consumers, this is one option that can help you achieve it.

4. You can use them for promotional purposes

Apart from using these peel-off labels as regular stickers on products, they also provide excellent opportunities for businesses to advertise themselves. You can insert your company’s logo or contact details on the sticker so that the customers learn more about you when they try taking it off. This kind of personalized advertising will give your business an edge over others and enable you to attract potential buyers.

5. They are easy to apply

Another pro of using these labels is that they are easy to apply. You can simply stick them directly on the product without any hassle. Moreover, instead of pasting them manually, you can also use a heat press machine for applying these labels and stickers to the desired products.

6. They are cost-effective

Compared to the cost of cold blue labelling, the self-adhesive stickers are inexpensive and more economical. This way, you can save a lot on printing and labour costs as well.

7. They are environmentally friendly

These labels require less energy for manufacturing and transportation as compared to cold blue labelling or hot stamping. The usage of natural resources like trees will be reduced, which means we can contribute towards saving our environment in a big way by using these eco-friendly adhesives.

Take Away

If you were still on the fence about the type of stickers and labels that will work best for you, you now can make the right choice. Trends may come and go, but self-adhesive stickers are here to stay because they offer so much versatility that no other kind of labels or stickers can match up to.