Everything You Need to Know About Spirited Away


There are now many fascinating animated movies to watch, but there is one all-time people favorite animated film and it is Spirited Away. It is a Japanese animated film, directed and written by Hayao Miyazaki. His work has surprised and touched the hearts and lives of many people all over the globe. One of the major reasons why this film is so successful is a wide range of unique characters. Here is the full information of all the characters of this animated movie:

  1. Chihiro Ogino

Chihiro Ogino is ten-year-old, pessimistic, and young girl. She is having brown hair, red cheeks, and childlike physique. At the beginning of the movie, her attire is a white and green striped shirt. She begins off as a startled girl, who is irritated by the thing that her family is now moving to the countryside, and now, she has to go to new school.

  1. Haku

Haku is a 12 year old boy and he is different from others. In fact, he has the ability to change into a dragon. He is capable of flying and running various errands for Yubaba. When it comes to its physical appearance, he has green and sharp eyes. He always wears pants of blue color, known as monpe. His dragon form is a snake-like body, with long whiskers and antlers. He is capable of changing himself between human and dragon form at will. He is the character in the film has multiple traits.

  1. No-Face

The no-face character is a mystical and lonely spirit. This character firstly appears on the bridge of bathhouse. He got attracted to Chihiro’s attention. He has the capability to devour any being or in other words, to ingest others to accomplish their characters and personalities. Before ingesting others, he can only make small and grunt noises. He has feet and legs that leave his footprints while walking.

  1. Lin

Lin is a female character and she is a spiritual bathhouse staff member. She has long and brown hair and also, she has brown eyes. She appears in the film when she brings dinner for kamaji and his sootballs. In the film, he is very harshly and cold towards the character, Chihiro Ogino.

  1. Kamaji

He is a middle-aged man and he controls the boiler room of bathhouse. He is a spirit having six arms that he uses in order to control buttons of the boiler room. His every arm can be stretched to infinite length.

There are many other characters in the movie animated by Studio Ghibli. But, the most interesting characters of the movie are No-face, and Chihiro Ogino.

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