Great Ideas For Water And Sand Table Play

Water And Sand Table Play

There are plenty of games that your kids can play on the water and sand table, not to mention that this table is meant for not only preschoolers but also toddlers. If you are looking to buy such a table, you can always buy toddler water table at Step2 Direct or any other online store that is reputable and much closer to you.

The learning opportunities that come with this outside toy are endless. You can teach your kids a lot of new things, not to mention that the sand and water table will keep them entertained for hours, as well as help them spend all of their energy. Below you have a couple of ideas you can try out.

You need to encourage your kids to play outdoors! It is healthy for them!

Creating different shapes

We all know that dry sand is not that good at holding shapes, so teach your kids what happens when you mix sand and water just the right way. You can teach them how to create different shapes with containers, and let their imagination run wild.

Teach them how to count

In addition, as they are filling the bucket with sand or water, you can also teach them how to count. They can count how many spoons of sand they will need to fill a certain container and then mix it with water. This is very fun and education for the little ones.

Colors are fun

There are plenty of ways you can teach your kids different colors. For example, you can use vinegar and food coloring to dye fluffs of hay! This result will leave your kids will entertaining neon-colored hay that they can use to decorate the outdoors.

Of course, you can dye different things, such as beans, Kool-Aid pasta and other. Just make sure that the items you use for coloring and the item itself, is not harmful to the little ones because we all know that they love to put things in their mouth.

Gelatin play

You could also use unflavored gelatin and create balls in which you can put their favorite toys. Once the balls are cooled down, place them on their sand and water table, and let them find the secret objects themselves!

Sand and water table play will keep the little ones busy for hours

There are plenty of similar things you can do with the sand and water table, so if you are interested, make sure to check out your local kid’s toy store or visit for more information. You also have many online stores that sell good quality kid’s toys, so keep an open mind!

Sand printing

Lay the sand even on the surface, and sprinkle just a bit of water on top, and use the premade shapes to make prints on the sand. Kids will go crazy for this, and you can even teach them how to create different shapes that they can print on the sand themselves!

Playing pirates and finishing

Gather your family around and create a fun pirate environment on the sand and water table, where you will have the sea, sea creatures, and the island. You can also use the fishing toys to teach them how to fish and catch the pirate’s dinner. Just let your kids be kids and use their imagination!

Final word

As you can see, there is plenty for you to explore when it comes to just this one simple play table. Keep in mind that there are many other similar toys for the outdoors that you might be interested in. Visit your local stores or browse online, and encourage your kids to play outdoors!