It’s All About Selecting The Right Formal Dress


What do you notice first, the moment you see a picture of celebrity walking the red carpet? It’s obvious, the beauty of their attires. Female celebrities often wear lavish, attractive designer evening gowns symbolizing wealth, poise and glamour. If you are about to attend a formal or semi-formal event or any other occasion demanding a formal dress code, a fantastic “Formal Dress” is the best choice to highlight your presence!

What is a Formal Dress & When to wear it?

A formal dress is an evening gown, which is often worn to formal & semi formal events. A formal gown may range from tea and ballerina to full length; however, full length gowns make a more popular choice. Luxurious fabrics such as velvet, chiffon, organza, satin, and silk are often used in the making of formal dresses for women. These dresses are worn on events such as Balls, School formals, Semi formal affairs, Weddings, Corporate events, Formal garden parties, and Men’s black tie/white tie events.

Unlike cocktail dresses, which are short and a bit sexy, formal dresses are usually long and flowing embodying a rich, glamorous and radiant look. These dresses have elegant detailing with beads or sequins. Different styles, necklines, cuts, silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and patterns are available to spice up the individual style and beauty of a woman. From a classic black, white or red evening dress to a stylish, designer gown, any formal dress imparts an ideal look on evening parties or daytime occasions such as weddings.

Choosing the Right Formal Dress

Formal events are exciting and everyone wants to look their best! However, choosing the appropriate formal dress is not as easy as you would have thought.

  • Various factors such as the type & formality of the event, its dress code and the season & time of the event have to be considered while choosing the formal attire
  • Body type, height & complexion play an important role in deciding the right dress
  • In contrast to light, playful colors, dark colors are popularly chosen, since they portray a sophisticated, classy, yet elegant image perfect for any formal occasion
  • Budget is also a significant factor in making decision

Some of the styles in formal dresses will never go out-dated; you can always purchase them.

  • Halter – a classic neckline cut flattering all body shapes
  • One shoulder – a timeless style
  • Strapless/bustier neckline – gives a heart-shaped neckline appearance
  • V-neckline – gives a slimmer, sexy look
  • Spaghetti straps – to create a look with wide shoulders

After You Choose the Dress

Now that we know how to select the right dress, the next task is to choose the accessories. A few perfectly suited accessories are always adorable rather than too many. Accessories are not meant to overpower the dress, but to enhance the overall look of your dress & appearance. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, clutches, shoes, and head gears are the most commonly worn accessories with these dresses. Make-up and hairdo are the next important things that complete your look for the event.

You Can Shop Online!

A number of websites offer thousands of designer dresses online. In particular seasons such as proms, weddings, and Valentine’s Day, websites also offer an amazing collection of designer formal dresses on sale. Some websites also provide a range of accessories too.

A perfectly chosen formal gown reflects immense femininity, confidence and grace that would make every head turn to you at any event. A classic sophisticated look or a modern stylish look – both can be attained, if your select the right dress.