The Most Fashionable First Ladies Of All Time


When you are at the side of a head of state, most likely all eyes are on you. This is when it comes in handy to have the skill to make formal wear interesting and to know how to dose glamor in an outfit. Throughout history, there have been a few ladies who balanced these issues in such a great manner, that they are considered true fashion icons.

Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of late US president John F. Kennedy, could have easily passed as a French woman, if we were to judge only by her stylish looks. She perfectly controlled the simple chicness and illustrated the classic styling advice that less is more. Her choices for her official commitments really made her stand out from the crowd.

Jackie O (how she was named after marrying Greek magnate Aristotle Onassis) avoided prints or complicated designs and instead opted for feminine plain-colored gowns and classy accessories like pearls, hats, large sunglasses, babushkas, belts and elegant earrings. Some of her trademark looks include her apricot silk bow dress worn for a visit in India and her pink strapless Dior gown worn with long white gloves for a state dinner at the White House. She kept thing simple and elegant while off-duty. Plain colors, classic designs, but always stylishly styled.<. The current first lady of the US is famous for her good taste in designer outfits. The best thing about her is that she knows what her assets are and chooses her attires accordingly. One shoulder or sleeveless dresses are on top of the list, together with bold colors which match her skin tone. Her most appreciated looks are definitely the ones in which she wears floor-length gowns accessorized with chunky necklaces or chandelier earrings and no other type of jewelry or embellishment.

From presidential to royal. We cannot go further with this article without mentioning an international fashion icon. Sheikha Mozah is the second wife of the former emir of Qatar. She is famous for her elegant turbans and elegant attires influenced by her native land. She manages to pull out incredibly stylish outfits with great accessories like pins, necklaces, scarves and belts to outline her waist. Her statuesque figure is impressive in precious fabrics and it is no wonder Huffington Post named her one of their favorite global fashionistas. Her image speaks luxury and it is not a surprise. We are talking about Qatar here.

Let’s stick to royalty and move on to another powerful woman. Queen Rania of Jordan was named on Vogue’s best dressed list. She is, above all, a genuinely beautiful and elegant woman. Her silhouette is very feminine and looks great in the midi length dresses she prefers for day time commitments. The queen likes to outline her waist and often wears delicate belts along with her dresses, even for red carpet events. Her posture in designer outfits always gets appreciative words from fashion critics.

These beautiful, elegant ladies have made headlines with their unique styles dictated by their strong personalities. Many designers, from Karl Lagerfeld to Jason Wu are more than proud to have these iconic women wear their creations.