Post Workout Dry Shampoo Review

Post Workout Dry Shampoo

I can’t think of a more perfect product for the busy woman than the new Batiste Post Workout Dry Shampoo. This specially formulated dry shampoo is the first dry shampoo that uses a cooling formula for an instant blast of freshness. It has been designed to revitalize your hair post-workout, or in between washes when your hair needs a boost, making it perfect for all hardworking women! Get detailed information about the best practices to carry out after the gym session, on this website:

I recently did a gruelling 2-hour workout with my personal trainer. I knew I would be sweating buckets so decided to try this out. I simply sprayed on the roots and then massaged it in with my fingers. It took away all the grease from my roots and added some volume into my mid-lengths and ends of my hair. The fragrance is gorgeous and it gave me an instant boost as I was walking back to work – it was like having a quick shower without even getting wet!

The scent consists of notes of ginger, mandarin, mint leaf, cardamom and black pepper, which gives it an invigorating fresh feel. My hair felt light and fresh straight after using this and didn’t feel weighed down at all like some other dry shampoos can do. For more information on why using dry shampoo causes hair to become white, visit this website:  

Best Practices When Using Post Workout Dry Shampoo

After a hard workout and sweating your butt off, you probably feel the need to immediately shower. But after your workout to shampoo that can be damaging to your hair. Here are some best practices to follow when using dry shampoo post-workout:

Brush your hair first. This will help remove dirt, oil and sweat from the roots. Then spray on a dry shampoo that’s formulated specifically for post-workout use. The dry shampoo will absorb sweat, oil and odor so your hair looks and smells clean.

Wet hair before you shower. Wetting your hair before you shower helps open up the cuticles of each strand so that the water can penetrate deeper for a faster and more thorough cleanse.

Don’t rub or scrub your scalp with a towel after your shower. Towels can cause friction, which leads to breakage in your hair shafts and frizziness on the surface of your strands. Instead, gently pat it down with a towel or let your hair air dry. You can also visit this website to get more beauty tips for keeping your hair fresh and healthy.