Six Reasons Why You Should Choose A Conservatory Over An Extension


As many of us are embracing the ‘New Year New You’ motto with gusto, many more are applying this phrase to their home and seeking to make it their own in 2016. House prices are steadily climbing and 2015 saw a marked increase in the amount of people buying their own home after years or renting.

Now as the economy continues to recover, albeit shakily at times, homeowners old and new will considering how to make the most of the available space in their home, and many will be looking to extend as a result.

Extensions in themselves are not a bad idea, in fact they are essential if you require additional rooms over two storeys or more. Conservatories however are a popular alternative that can be far more beneficial to both the home and the homeowner, and so here are our highlights explaining the value of opting to construct a conservatory to extend your living space.

  1. Conservatories do not require planning permission

Unless you are designing a conservatory that could pose as a threat to protected natural habitats or would be an obstruction to others, as well as a few other requirements then no planning permission will be required to erect it.

  1. Conservatories are faster to erect

A typical conservatory will require foundations of only 450mm wide by 225mm deep, dependent on the height of the construction and the condition of the soil, therefore your foundations can be dug by hand and the conservatory erected in a matter of days.

  1. Conservatories are cheaper to build

With the average single storey conservatory costing as little as £5000, you can build an extra room or extend your current living space for half the price of building an extension onto your home.

  1. Conservatories are more versatile

Conservatories can be added to virtually any room in your home, such as the living room or kitchen to create an extension of the room in question. The beauty of conservatories is that they can incorporate sliding or folding glass doors that offer separation when needed yet still flood the room with natural light all year round. To discover more about the distinctions between an expansion and a conservatory, visit this website:

  1. Conservatories bring the outdoors in

Due to the fact that they often open out onto the garden as well as into your home, conservatories offer easy access to the great outdoors which is invaluable during the summer months. BBQ’s and garden parties become a breeze as a conservatory can accommodate guests and keep them sheltered and cool while still enjoying the garden experience.

  1. Conservatories save energy

Modern conservatories are built using high performance energy saving glass that will trap heat into your home making it super energy efficient whilst costing half the price to construct in comparison to a brick built extension. Adding a solid tiled roof onto your conservatory will give you an extra layer of insulation to keep your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Furthermore, brick extensions can actually reduce the amount of natural light in your home resulting in the need for artificial energy sapping alternatives, whereas a double glazed conservatory will flood your existing rooms with soft, natural light.