Tips to Choose the Perfect Summer Fragrance


Summer is the perfect season for weekend barbeques, family get-togethers and just enjoying time with a special one. If you want to smell good and feel confident in your skin then you should consider switching your fragrance. Many people wonder should you switch your perfume in the summer and if you are among them, then you should know that it’s a smart idea.

If you need help in deciding which perfumes are the best for the season, how to pick one and where to buy it, simply read on.

Go for Long Lasting Fragrance

Citrus based scents are the most popular in the summer season as they cool your skin and the aroma enhances your mood. As summer season can ensure that a fragrance lasts longer than usual, you would be smart to buy a scent from Fragrance 365 that lasts long and keep it with you to ensure that you can reapply it when needed. Some of the top citrus-based fragrance choices that usually last long are that have fruity, woody or floral notes.

Scents for Women and Men

Females prefer fruity, candy and scents with a fresh burst of floral fragrances as they usually last all day. Women looking forward to a date night or another nighttime activity should opt for heavier floral notes. Men can go for aquatic fragrance as the icy aroma will embrace sensual masculinity and has energy that is fresh like the ocean waves. At nighttime, men can go for fresh citrus notes.

Some More Tips

If you are looking for something light and crisp, you should try fruity notes such as grapefruit and peach. In contrast, if you are seeking fragrances that are fresh, natural and bright, you should select marine notes.

When going for a summer outing, you should consider fragrances that have notes of fresh floral summer. Some examples could be lemon, gardenia, jasmine, raspberry and orange blossom. If the notes have a musky or woody touch to it, it would be better.

While picking a fragrance, you should ensure that it reflects your personality. Also, test to see how it smells on your skin. It is vital to know whether a fragrance will blend with your natural oils flawlessly throughout the day or not.

If the day is not going to be too special, you should stick to light and sophisticated scents like florals and fruity aromas.

Though experimenting with various fragrances and combining them at times could be a smart idea, you should learn not to overdo it. If you combine several varied perfumes, you might end up suffering from nausea or a headache.


In essence, it can be seen that choosing a fragrance according to the season is smart. You will smell perfect if you make the right choice and opt for citrus or floral scents in the summer. There’s one thing that will make your choice smarter, i.e., to remember that light and airy fragrances are meant for summer while heavy or overpowering fragrances are better during the winters.