What Can I Get for Dad as a Gift for His Birthday

Dad as a Gift

Nearly all Dad’s will already have a collection of things like neckties, cuff links, socks, and handkerchiefs, to already last him for many more years to come. So why not give him something that will not only give him a surprise, but also something which he will really appreciate as a birthday present?

If Dad is a sports fan, why don’t you consider purchasing tickets for a sporting event which features his favourite team or player? If he’s a fan of motor racing, get him a ticket for a racing event where his favourite rider or driver will be racing. Tickets for stadium events, are always a great choice and something Dad will remember forever.

Always a Good Choice – Films, Music, Photography

If your Dad is an action film fan, why don’t you treat him to one which you know he will enjoy on DVD. And If he doesn’t have something to play it on, then give him a nice DVD player to go with it. That will definitely put a smile on his face! Think about other things your Dad would enjoy when you’re looking out and shopping for a birthday present.

  • Does he enjoy listening to music? If so, then consider picking up a CD or a collection of CDs of his favourite artist and if he’s in need of a new pair of headphones, check out the great range of top 2018 headphones in Singapore, where you can find the perfect cool new pair.

If he does like motor racing, you could get him a model car or motorcycle to put together, especially if you are willing to spend some quality time with him putting it together. A digital camera is another great idea, and with the ease of modern-day digital cameras(which are available at bestcameraworld.com), Dad will have plenty of fun taking photographs of his family, friends and relatives.

Games, Computers, Tools, Gift Vouchers

Maybe Dad likes playing computer games, and if so, look for any expansions or updated versions of his favourite game.

  • And regarding computers, perhaps Dad’s PC needs a little updating with some cool new software or by adding some extra memory, or new hardware, such as speakers(available at 10speakers.com), a desk or how about a brand new laptop(available at pickcheaplaptops.com).

Some men like power tools and it doesn’t really matter if your Father already has a shed full of them! There is always some new type of tool or gadget which is guaranteed to make things easier for him or plain fun to use.

Good Old fashioned Books

Is Dad one of those fellows who still enjoys a good read? If you’re not really sure about what kind of book he would enjoy reading, a book voucher will go be perfect as the perfect present.

Whatever you choose as a present for your Father, try to make it something which he will cherish forever!