A Brief Guide to Vaping


If you’re looking for a site to buy a vape but you’ve no knowledge of the vaping industry or electronic cigarettes, this article will provide some useful information on the topic. Some of the lingo used by vapers can be confusing, especially if you’ve no idea about kits, coils, or other things such as e-liquid which are available on geekayvapes.com. All of these unfamiliar words can make people who are interested in vaping uncomfortable, but if you continue reading this article you’ll learn a lot more about this industry.

How Does an Electronic Cigarette Work?

Most people who are interested in vaping have no idea how an electronic cigarette works. They’d like to know more about the subject, but some are afraid to ask for fear of looking uninformed or uncool. Vaping is becoming hugely popular right across Australia and many regular cigarette smokers use vaping as a method of cutting their reliance on traditional cigarettes. There are also numerous studies that suggest switching to vaping can help people permanently give up smoking.

Explaining how an electronic cigarette works is a bit complicated, so here is a basic breakdown of the main components.

  • Once you choose a liquid, you load it into your device.
  • The cotton wicks inside the e cig absorb the juice.
  • When you active your electronic device, the coils in the tank are heated up.
  • Once the coils are heated, the juice in your device evaporates allowing you to inhale the vapour.

Every device is different, so it is difficult to provide a detailed breakdown of every mechanism, but the one mentioned above is a basic outline of what happens inside a device once activated.


E cigs contain no smoke, no tobacco and no tar, the user inhales and exhales on a vapour which is released once the juice evaporates. Although an e cig may seem like a complicated device, it isn’t. Nearly all vape kits on the market come with three basic components:

Cartridge – The cartridge is basically a container which hold substances such as nicotine and juice. This can be replaced once you’ve used all the juice if you decide to purchase a kit which has a refillable system.

Atomiser – This is what turns the juice in the cartridge into vapour. Without the atomiser you’d have no vapour. The atomiser also comes in three different forms, cartomizer, glassomizer, and clearomizer.

Battery – Most electronic cigarettes are powered by lithium batteries, some devices contain rechargeable batteries, while others must be replaced at certain periods. If you are assembling the unit yourself for the first time, it is advisable to purchase a beginner’s kit. You’ll see that the atomiser always connects to the battery. As mentioned above, there are various types of electronic cigarettes, so not all devices will function the same way.

This article has given a basic rundown of components of an electronic cigarette and how they function. They aren’t incredibly complicated to use, they just take some time to learn about as with any new device you’re unfamiliar with. E cigs come with instructions, so you should have no issues operating your new kit.